John Christianson


Dr. John Christianson is licensed in the state of California as a Naturopathic doctor. Born and raised in Minnetonka, MN he began his career path by going to massage school and becoming a certified massage therapist, after graduating he moved to Phoenix Arizona to attend Arizona State University for his pre-med bachelors in Human Health. The goal and passion for that pursuit was to attend Naturopathic Medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe AZ. He is happy to call San Diego his home and avoid the long cold winters. Dr. Christianson’s focuses of practice are in sports/rehabilitation, environmental medicine and anti-aging. His approach to sports/rehab therapies involves; Dynamic Fascia release, certified in functional movement taping and manual therapies. Environmental medicine is the process of appropriate system detoxification/support and to reduce/eliminate chemical reactivity. Anti-aging procedures include; micro-needling and scar reduction/elimination. Dr. Christianson is passionate about naturopathic medicine and approaches to healing. He believes in treating the cause of disease and works with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and IV nutrient therapies to bring about positive lasting changes. Living a balanced life is very important for Dr. Christianson so outside of his medical practice he enjoys; travel, cooking, trail running, obstacle races, biking and exploring his interests as he is always seeking to learn something new.