Douglas estrada

Douglas Estrada

Dr. Douglas Estrada is dedicated in helping people improve their health in the most effective and least invasive ways possible, using the best of conventional and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Estrada has worked with under-privileged communities and affluent populations alike. Dr. Estrada believes everyone should be entitled to proper health care. Dr. Estrada strives to use his expertise and education and empathy to work in a paradigm that serves people and the community for the greater good. He is endlessly curious but his focus currently is functional medicine, regenerative medicine, hormone therapy, functional neurology and IV therapy. In addition to his degree as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Estrada is trained in Prolotherapy and PRP; and is also a certified personal trainer! Dr. Estrada became deeply interested in naturopathic medicine when he was severely injured in a car accident and was healed and saved from a risky surgery by a natural healer from El Salvador. This set his course to explore the world of traditional medicine as well as conventional medicine to find a model that is most effective for the individual. He has come to believe that true healing comes from within the body, mind and spirit. It is indeed the patient who does the healing, and the art of the healer which facilitates this process.